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Yet another bugfix  release

Wormhol 1.4 changes:

  • Some people asked for more FPS-like controls. So be it. You can use WASD and your mouse to play the game. Yay! It’s not perfect, maybe A and D should make the ship strafe instead of turn (and one would turn with the mouse). If it doesn’t feel right to you, please tell.
  • Fixed icons in Windows 7. New icon (still ugly though).
  • Fixed ATI HD compatibility.

I’ve discovered a rare “everything gets black” bug yesterday, in a ship-collision. The problem is: I’m pretty confident it’s not introduced by this release. Not sure how I could eliminate a bug which happen once in a year.

EDIT: This release had an annoying bug so I removed the download link. Use 1.5 now.


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