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Here come more snakes

Yesterday we released Crajsh, a new time-waster from Mars. It was entered to the Mozilla® Game On competition.

It looks like that

A 3 player game.

The music was done by kaneel. I can’t thank him enough because he is easy-going and pleasant to work with. I heard he would be interested in more indie game collaboration.

The logo was done by Graindolium. It’s not his best work pixel-wise but he his on his own projects and I think this will turn out interesting.

This blog post is intended to focus about the game and not the technicalities. That will come later. I know it feels like we released a smaller, easier game that Wormhol was, but in reality it was quite a lot of work to optimize so that it runs smoothly in browsers. The game works in current browsers: Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 8+, Opera 10+, Safari, IE 9 beta.

Note that the development isn’t finished and feedback will be listened.


CRASH from Digital Nightmare Games is the original inspiration. It’s an old DOS shareware I used to play with my sisters years ago. I don’t know what the original author is doing nowadays. I wanted to play it again in mid-2010 but it now requires emulation to work. Most of the good ideas come from this game and this is a way to pay respects to the authors.

I think what this game really got right was how limited the available information was to the player. You would pretty much don’t know where you are, where to go, how to reach ennemies… so you would try to make it through from restricted “tunnels” to small areas. This was pretty addictive. Fighting with AI players and trapping them was a lot of fun too, but on their own they would not survive long enough to make courageous strategies valuable. The AI wasn’t really mean enough.

So I tried to improve the AI and so far I’d say it feels like the computer is trying hard to kill you. This is fortunate because I’ve never programmed it this way. Seems like simple rules can do wonders when there is enough of them. At this moment the AI players do not survive as long as they might. Especially they don’t see the urge to shoot in a corridor setting.

A closed world

Like Vibrant and CRASH, you are enclosed in the game world with little time to breath. The map is wrapping: if you make it through a wall you will end up at the opposite point of the map.

There was a bug in the original CRASH about world boundaries. The map would wrap vertically. But if you did make it through the heavy East or West walls you would end up in the dangerous world of computer memory. The game would stop a bit after due to memory corruption. It was like discovering a forbidden area within the game.


Like Wormhol you can play Crajsh with 1 to 3 other players on the same computer. When the game end you get a world view of what happened.


world view

You lose. Here is why.

To make the game a bit more varied I included random patterns on the map and powerups. More content to come. As always your feedbacks are very valuable to me.


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