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My first shot at selling something

GFM Psypan is a binaural panner intended for ITB mixing. It puts the sound a bit out of the head and help making the mix more real, large and intrusive. Thought for headphones but surprinsingly it works well on speakers too.

What is cool

  • Mix your tracks in a larger stereo space, where each source is more clearly separated.
  • Tunable inter-aural delay. Turn it off to have a normal panner, or exaggerate it.
  • Input stereo control, can be reduced to mono, preserved or increased.
  • Completely transparent, linear-phase interpolation (64 taps blackmann). Transients keep all their punch (assuming your music has any).
  • Does not filter your sound or add reverb, it’s up to you if you want more realism.
  • Double processing. Yeah, pretty much like everyone.
  • Cheap (5€). I should have priced it higher but I lack the self-confidence to do so. Take advantage of this!
  • No copy-protection, no dongle. Buy once, share with your friends, earn my eternal hate.
  • No installer. Just a tiny DLL.
  • Demo available on the related page.

What is not

  • Only works on Windows 32-bits VST hosts.
  • introduce a delay of ~0.7ms + 32 samples which could be unacceptable for a live performance.
  • left/right axis only. Real 3D sound with front/back and up/down axis requires filtering.
  • I can’t think of any other problem right now.

Where goes your money?

  • 20% for the sales website,
  • 40% for me,
  • 40% for Graindolium which did the GUI while begin short on money.

Money help us to make more plugins and heal our egos.

(more audio samples coming soon)


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