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One year and a half ago Graindolium started secretly giving me tracks of his next album. It was fascinating. Each tune would be weirder and more impressive than the previous one.

I happen to have some understanding of DSP but what I heared puzzled me. Meeting him last summer I understood he had tricks I didn’t know of.

He asked me to take care of distributing the album, which strangely he can’t endure.

This is the album released today


It’s hard to find the english words to say how highly I consider this album.

Digital sounding, yet with organic progression.
Computer-based, but controlled.
Challenging at first, deeply rewarding afterwards.
It’s an album where the computer served the composer but did not hold him back.

If you ever liked what I do, I beg you to pay close attention to this album and if you care help spread the word. I believe this is something important to hear.

It’s on sale on bandcamp, and the whole price goes to the artist.

Happy black room listening!


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