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With a bit of lateness, it is time for a yearly Vibrant update.

Download and changelog are here.

I think I need to apologize to all Vibrant users: over the years I’ve been given quite a lot of feedback but I would not really listen to it. I was chasing my Own Thing ™. Vibrant had this particular gameplay that was so fragile that anything might break it. I would make endless adjustements and tiny changes instead, to keep the things going.

But this time I do not recognize anymore what this gameplay really was and how it felt. I do not even recognize the game, and what it was supposed to be.

I came to the realization I was trapped in a sort of gameplay over-tuning spiral, and that breaking out of the spiral would allow for things a bit more radical to be implemented. And many ideas I suddenly found good had been suggested to me years ago by users. I did just not listen. What was I thinking?


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