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I’ve been listening to electronic music for years.

It has become a real challenge to find a sub-genre I can delve into and find quality tracks resisting repeated listening. For me this sub-genre right now is the more “trancey” side of Progressive House.

This is a very codified genre whose most striking feature is being DJ-friendly. The average such Progressive House track lasts 9’30 min, has 125 BPM, and no intro/outro (size of data-set = 10).

The structure of all tracks is also remarkably similar, with two breaks being the gold standard. Most Progressive House producers are also DJs that never make gigs in your particular home country. 🙂

So, what producers to listen to?

  • First you can’t avoid Cid Inc. He is a prolific producer whose style is hard to define, raw and refined at the same time. Most Cid Inc. tracks might look just “OK” on first hear. Yet they all have that spot-on groove understanding and signature sticky sound. And as you delve into them, you realize the amount of details that went into it behind a thin layer of hurry. It took months before I rediscovered this track:



Another Cid Inc. track which is a bit different from his other works:



  • Marcelo Vasami has a special place in my listener’s heart. His tracks have this airy, nostagic feeling you can’t shake.



  • Hector Sawiak’s style is more trancey, darker, and impressively hypnotic. I’m a fan of his Dagon track which let your imagination run far away.




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