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Now it feels like something finished

I’ve made a rather big update to Vibrant. I hope it will be decisive enough to be the last one.


This version fixes lots of annoying things and bring long-wanted features. All this is now listed on the Vibrant site itself (scroll down for the complete changelog).

I’ve also created the Arguably Useful Vibrant Help Page. It’s arguably useful.

I hope you will enjoy this release.


Yet another bugfix  release

Wormhol 1.4 changes:

  • Some people asked for more FPS-like controls. So be it. You can use WASD and your mouse to play the game. Yay! It’s not perfect, maybe A and D should make the ship strafe instead of turn (and one would turn with the mouse). If it doesn’t feel right to you, please tell.
  • Fixed icons in Windows 7. New icon (still ugly though).
  • Fixed ATI HD compatibility.

I’ve discovered a rare “everything gets black” bug yesterday, in a ship-collision. The problem is: I’m pretty confident it’s not introduced by this release. Not sure how I could eliminate a bug which happen once in a year.

EDIT: This release had an annoying bug so I removed the download link. Use 1.5 now.

What’s new

I’ve been lately busy with the Games From Mars website, learning server administrating, javascript and such.

I know, I should have work on Wormhol. But there was a couple of annoying things left in Vibrant that I think deserved a bugfix update. There it is.

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

Vibrant 1.3 changes:

  • installer: there is a problem when launching the game from the download directory. Nothing happens. The installer now avoids that. If you dislike the idea of an installer let me know.
  • AMD/ATI compatibility: Vibrant should now support all NVIDIA cards, all AMD HD cards and some earlier AMD. The latter are very different from a bug point of view, so it may or may not work.
  • the game fallback in a degraded mode when OpenGL 2.0 is not detected. The game now has been reported to work on an Intel card, which was yet to see, but had problems with some old ATIs. (NOTE: the degraded mode was broken on release but has been fixed)
  • minor gameplay changes: less powerups in high levels, the turbo mode is a bit more powerful and costly, the auto-aiming is now weaker. So it’s harder to aim for newbies, while more rewarding for advanced players. I wan’t Vibrant’s gameplay to be hard and unfriendly, be prepared :).
  • ACHTUNG! The 1.3 version works improperly on ATI HD cards, use the 1.2 version instead.

As always, I would be midly happy to get your bug reports (the auto-generated log.htm file in the game directory) and rants.